Affiliate Disclamer


It’s Ashfaque from Gifting Health and Happiness,

We started this Site to bring a smile to people, by introducing them to products which are available in market but people are not aware of. Thru the research we have been unearthing some facts which if paid attention to can change the way in which we look at challenges in life. We ensure to provide free answers on common challenges.

Somewhere along my journey, I discovered affiliate marketing. Research, Analysis and providing Support to a running and growing a site – isn’t free, so I voluntarily use affiliate marketing to support the operation, pay the bills, and work round the clock. As such, you should assume that any link or banner ad to a product taking you to a page off this site is an affiliate link for which I stand to receive compensation if the user (like yourself) makes a purchase. The “Click for more Info/Order now”  button will take you to the sites which would provide information/video’s of the products for which Summary is already displayed on the relevant pages, in this site. It is by promoting these very products I use that I’m able to earn enough to keep the site up and growing.

I’ve personally selected a small subset of companies with outstanding services to review and recommend. These products, i promote, do not give me free products, services or anything else in exchange for mentioning them. The only compensation is in the form of affiliate commissions. 

Reviews,if any, are original and from the patrons who have used the products and based on their experiences good (or bad) with the product.

Gifting Health and Happiness is a free-market industry based on consumer intent. The user (you again) can go anywhere, do anything and buy or not buy. No one is forcing you to read these blogs. Hundreds of blogs began while I wrote these blurb. Perhaps you can imagine, any industry with such a low barrier to entry is incredibly difficult to succeed in.

So it’s an honor to bring Gifting Health and Happiness to you.  Thanks for reading. Please reach out to contact me with any questions if you have.

Thanks, and keep smiling