Women Weight Loss and Toned Body


  • Permanent Weight Loss from female problem areas such as Stomach, Hips, Butts and Thighs
  • Well Toned  Attractive Body
  • Soaring Energy Levels while loosing Weight
  • Forget Dieting and Enjoy Pizzas, Pastas,Ice-creams and Chocolates
  • No Endless Hours in the Gym
  • Regain Self Confidence to Support every Relationship you have and Decisions you make
  • $ 300 worth Workout CD Free
  • 143 Premium Video Coaching Lessons Free
  • Venus Immersion Membership Free for early birds only
  • 100%, 60 days, Money Back Guarantee


Why is this Required for You or Your Loved Ones?

  • Crash Dieting results in loss of Weight but also results in Depleting Energy Levels . The Weight loss is regained back in matter of time but the Energy levels do not get reinstated at the same level.
  • Dieting is not the Solution for Weight Loss, There is something more and deep..
    • Leptin , the hormone that controls 100% of the body’s ability to burn fat, is three times less Responsive in Women then Men. This condition is Known as  Leptin Resistance.
    • The women body has evolved to Disconnect the Leptin Signals to burn Fat in the body because of the demand of child bearing and Child Nutrition.
  • While Dieting Leptin Levels in the women body Drops Twice as much and Twice as Fast resulting in Metabolism Slows down.
  • Guides you why your workout needs to be shorter and less intense than a man to Burn Fat
  • The Exercises that a women should never do as they stall Fat Loss


How Does this Product Work?

  • The Solution is Called Metabolism Override
  • Metabolism Override Consists of Powerful Technique that Unleashes you Full Fat Burning Potential.
  • The 12 Week Fat Loss, Nutrition Plan  and Work Out program is for Women with,
    • Little or No Time
    • Terrible Genetic State
    • Slow Metabolism
    • Thyroid Condition
  • Guides on Unique and Easy Exercises that can be done at home to boost your Metabolism which
    • Significantly Increases Leptin Sensitivity
    • Kills Cellulite and Maximises Fat Loss

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